Cambridge Primary Science 2 Learner’s Book 2nd Edition 2021


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Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Jon Board & Alan Cross

Pages: 192

Cambridge Primary Science 2 Learner’s Book 2nd Edition 2021

From discovering what sugar does to our teeth, to investigating which fabric is best for an umbrella, Cambridge Primary Science gets your learners thinking like scientists! Packed with opportunities to plan experiments, make predictions and gather results, the series helps your learners to think and work scientifically. Each unit ends with a project, like inventing a new electrical appliance, that helps students bring together what they have learnt, and understand how the topics relate to the real world. With vocabulary boxes, clear diagrams and supporting illustrations, the course makes science accessible for learners with English as a second language.
– Get your learners thinking and talking about what they already know with ‘Getting Started’ boxes at the start of each topic
– Help your learners think and work scientifically with practical tasks in the ‘Think like a scientist’ feature
– Topics throughout the series support the earth and space strand of the curriculum framework
– Help your students reflect on what they have learnt with ‘Reflection’ and ‘Look what I can do’ sections at the end of each topic
– Answers for all activities can be found in the accompanying teacher’s resource
1. Environments and habitats
2. Forces and movement
3. Getting materials right
4. Humans and animals grow 5. Light
6. Electricity.
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