Focus 4 Word Store

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Nhà xuất bản – Publisher: Pearson
Tác giả – Author: Sue Kay, Vaughan Jones
Số trang – Pages: 30
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Focus American English is a four-level course for upper-secondary students, structured to promote motivation, memory and meaning. Clear and intuitive lessons provide an exams-orientated learning path for both state and private school students. The Word Store, unique to Focus, helps students better collate, retain and revise vocabulary.
Focus on 3Ms
Focus American English’s methodology is built around the 3Ms – motivation, memory and meaning. These key concepts underpin the benefits of the course for learners and signal its pedagogical effectiveness to teachers.
For Motivation
A motivated learner is a more successful learner – Focus is brimming with topics, texts and tasks that engage students both intellectually and emotionally by referring to their life experience, and the things they aspire to. Accordingly, language is brought vividly to life through grammar animations and interactive videos, which make learning with Focus both entertaining and effective.
For Memory
One of the unique features of Focus is the approach to learning and retention of vocabulary. On top of comprehensive exposure to and recycling of lexical items, the course offers Word Store, a vocabulary practice booklet with a wide variety of exercises and a unique method of involving learners actively in recording new words and phrases.
For Meaning
Focus is built on content students want to read, listen and talk about. Every exercise is relevant to students’ lives through frequent personalization, ensuring that, with Focus, they are engaged every step of the way.
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