Have The Relationship You Want

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Tác giả – Author: Francis O’Hara

Số trang – Pages: 156

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Have The Relationship You Want 

A good to read book for all the women that want to change their relationships, based on Rori Raye’s personal experiences. This book will help you to get acquainted and connected first with yourself and then with the man you want to be with for the rest of your life. It’s not about tricks how to manipulate him, it’s about treating him with trust and respect. There are a lot of small steps such as ‘trusting your boundaries’, ‘following your feelings’, ‘choosing your words’, ‘being surprised’… that can make a huge difference in every relationship.

Good to know this book. It makes me comfortable in and express my feminine energy and can switch between masculine and femimine energies what time I need. When you put the Tools in this book together, it becomes a roadmap you can follow toward your goal of a great relationship, no matter where you’re finding yourself right now. And that roadmap gets you back on track to your goal no matter what happens “on the road.” Even if you get sidetracked or stalled – the Tools will get you where you want to be. The principles behind my Tools are simple, and yet what you’re about to learn is the complete opposite of everything you’ve ever read, heard or been taught your whole life.

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