Learn With Us 2 Activity Book


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Nhà xuất bản – Publisher: Oxford University Press
Tác giả – Author:  Vanessa Reilly, Placido Bazo, Marcos Penate
Số trang – Pages: 60
Learn With Us 3 Activity Book Learn With Us is a 6-level child-centred course for Primary teachers that enables children of ALL abilities to learn by doing, to learn together, and to learn from each other. In each level of the course, the children follow the experiences of a real English-speaking schoolchild, and actively share everyday experiences and learning. This approach structures language learning around real children in real and relatable situations. This course is culturally-immersive, and offers unprecedented amounts of real-life video around the home, school and wider community, promoting an understanding of other cultures and encouraging children to reflect on the importance of their own culture.
Learn With Us integrates unique features in the Class Book to address mixed-ability as well as ready-made worksheets and tests on two levels. Expert advice on teaching mixed abilities is provided in the Teacher’s Guide, as well as hundreds of games bank ideas teachers can adapt to different levels. Guidance is also given on special educational needs and support is provided for understanding and activating multiple intelligences in the classroom using the materials.
All about real life Students share the experiences of everyday life alongside a real English-speaking schoolchild, activating their curiosity and making learning memorable.
All about working together Collaborative unit projects get students working together, encouraging them to discuss their own opinions and learn from one another.
All about engaging every child Unprecedented video content engages all learners, and inclusive projects, extension and revision activities, plus two level editable tests help every child reach their potential.
All about thinking Real-life stories come from many different genres, encouraging students to reflect on values in a communicative context.
Each level is hosted by a different, real child. Students learn alongside them, finding out about their likes and dislikes, family and friends, helping them draw similarities with their own life and culture to make learning more relatable.
Includes more video than in any other Oxford University Press primary course.
Culture and CLIL lessons in every unit are linked to one another, encouraging learners to make their own connections, and transfer their learning to other subjects.
Projects at the end of every unit get children using the language together in real situations.
English at Home’ activities offer suggestions for homework, and encourage children to carry on learning with their family.
Ideal for mixed ability classes with extension activities in every lesson for fast finishers and activities that learners can do at different levels.
Communicative activities encourage learners to think and debate issues, develop and present their own viewpoints.
A story from a different genre appears in every unit to present and contextualise new language and spark creativity.
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