Our Discovery Island 2 Student Book Audio CD C


Mua sản phẩm này để tích lũy 15 điểm
Nhà xuất bản – Publisher: Pearson
Tác giả – Author: Laura Miller – Jose Luis Morales – David Nunan
Số trang – Pages: 01

Our Discovery Island – Welcome to Our Discovery Island, a six-level primary British English series that engages children in 21st Century learning. Inspire every one of your pupils to learn English!

Engaging for young pupils
It’s sometimes hard to keep kids focused, but they do better when they can relate to the material in the book. The ongoing storyline in Our Discovery Island is motivating because pupils become involved in what’s happening. Characters they can get to know across all units through different activities and stories help pupils stay interested.

Promote learning progress
As new vocabulary and language structures are introduced it’s important that pupils are exposed to them several times. Once pupils are exposed to new language via their textbook, it’s useful for them to become familiar with new learnings and practice it in the Activity Book, then see it again in a video format or on the iWB.

Slowly introduce grammar
Introducing language structure in a way that pupils can make sense of it is important, and one thing that helps is to introduce language in manageable amounts. It’s useful for pupils to see the target structure in a way that can be used as a model for practice and continued reference. Take a look at the “Look” grammar boxes in the Pupil’s Book.

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