Skillful 1 Reading and Writing Student’s Book


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Skillful – Solve the academic puzzle
Skillful is a 5-level Academic English course designed for students in university programmes. Its rigorous step-by-step approach develops language proficiency and academic skills, helping students perform at their best.
Skillful engages and challenges students with interesting and relevant topics, using fresh, dynamic content and meaningful academic tasks. The material in this latest edition, enhanced with all new digital content, encourages learners to study and analyse a wide range of ideas and problems in order to form and express their own opinions with the confidence needed to achieve academic success.

Key features
Authentic video from Reuters presents language in a real-world context, encouraging ideas and debate, introducing key language and vocabulary and stimulating active listening.
The improved skills-based tasks and scaffolded approach to producing extended speaking and writing responses create an even stronger focus on getting students to clearly and confidently express themselves in written and spoken English.
Increased focus on vocabulary teaching and revision and coverage of the Academic Word List helps students with reading and listening to long, academic texts.
Study Skills training is based on the work of pioneer researcher and expert in the field, Stella Cottrell, and helps equip students with the skills and techniques to improve their academic performance.
Following a shared topic syllabus, the Skillful Second Edition Reading & Writing and Listening & Speaking books can be combined seamlessly, or used independently.

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