Sounds Great 3 Flashcards


Mua sản phẩm này để tích lũy 160 điểm
Nhà xuất bản – Publisher: Compass Publishing
Tác giả – Author: Anne Taylor
Số trang – Pages: 80 card A5

Sounds Great 3 Long Vowels Sounds

– Easy and fun stories to review new sounds, letters, and words
– Activities to build listening, reading, and writing skills
– Fun rhyming chants following each unit for additional exposure
– Review units that include fun puzzles to solidify learning
1. New Sounds & Words: Pairing of letters, pictures, and sound patterns to create associations between target sounds and words
2. Activities: Practice of target sounds and words through a wide range of activities
3. Wrap Up: Review of target sounds
4. Story: Funny stories to build confidence in reading
5. Rhyming Chants: Chants made up of target words to help children understand the connection between sounds and letter
6. Homework: Review of the unit through various activities and puzzles

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