Tiny Talk 1A Class Audio CD


Mua sản phẩm này để tích lũy 15 điểm
Nhà xuất bản – Publisher: Oxford University Press
Tác giả – Author: Susan Rivers
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Tiny Talk 1A Student Book
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Sách Tiny Talk 1A Class Audio CD

Tiny Talk is a three-level listening and speaking series in American English for preschool and kindergarten children. The course provides a simple but steady development of new language through characters. themes, and situations relevant and appealing to very young students. Songs by Carolyn Graham appear in every lesson.
The three levels are divided into A and B sections. Each section includes a Student Book, a Workbook, a CD, Pictures Cards, and Wall Charts. The easy-to-use Teacher’s Book provides step-by-step lesson plans and a wide variety of games and fun activities. Puppets of the main characters attract and hold children’s attention throughout the course.
Also available are the Tiny Talk ABC Workbook and the Tiny Talk Songbook, which features all 60 songs in the series. These components can be used either independently or as supplements to the Tiny Talk course.
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